Microblading By Chanel J


Coming March 2018...

Microblading is one of the top beauty trends of today, it has really started changing people's lives. Microblading is changing people's life as in building confidence, beauty enhancements, less time to do makeup in the morning and so much more!

This very popular technique also known as Eyebrow Microblading, 3D Brow or Eyebrow Feathering, allows you to enjoy perfectly shaped brows for up to 3 years. 

The look is incredibly natural as each hair stroke is precisely had drawn with a manual pen like tool, online the old ays where they used permanent makeup machines which left a harsh un-natural look.

Clients are recommend to come back for weeks later to fill any gaps and add a second cooker for dimension. The result is subtly defined hair strokes- not a blended filled look. Other techniques such as Ombre Shading can also be added to customize your look. 

**IMAGES BELOW aren't my work**